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We recognise that IT services have earned a reputation since their inception; IT people are the ones in the basement who tell people to turn things off and on again, and they’re also prone to only speaking their own language. Pangolin IT are a new breed of techies; we speak tech, we speak English, and crucially, we speak business.

What we do, and who forWhere we came from

IT Consultancy and Project Management Experts 

Pangolin IT is run by experienced business people, for business people. Technology should be a driving force of innovation in any organisation, and Pangolin IT staff have decades of experience finding ways to solve problems with tech.

We have a wealth of experience

Our experts have driven innovation in several industries including Healthcare (NHS hospitals, NHS GP Primary Care, Dentists, Nursing Homes), Television, Property Services, Laboratories, Design Agencies, and The Merchant Navy. It’s safe to say, we’ve seen a lot.   

We don’t blind clients with science

The IT industry is a trecherous place for people who aren’t technically minded. IT speak can be used by some businesses to blind their customers to what their options actually are. It’s easy to oversell when the customer doesn’t fully understand what they’re buying. We make every effort to describe our work clearly to our clients and only ever suggest solutions which will improve the way they work.

Our Origins and Philosophy

Pangolin IT was established by Jonathan Ellis, a techie from the North West of England. Jonathan wanted to create an IT business which not only provides excellent technical service, but does so through an in depth understanding of the client’s industry.

Pangolin IT are based in Chester city centre, and are a progressive business with a social conscience. The name Pangolin was chosen in reference to the beautiful and tragically endangered mammal native to Asia and Africa. Our main aim is to provide excellent IT service, but also to raise awareness of Pangolin conservation efforts. We’ll also periodically post news updates about how our fascinating mascots are doing.

Some of Our Clients

Our Experts

Jonathan Ellis

Managing Director

Hannah Martin

Operations Coordinator

Michael Ellis

Brand Consultant


Health and Wellbeing Officer

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