Consultancy Services

Sometimes, a fresh perspective makes all the difference. Regardless of whether your organisation has internal IT staff, Pangolin auditing and consultation services will always provide valuable insight into where improvements can be made, as well as how best to achieve them.

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What we offer

IT Department Audits

 IT departments are a unique animal, and to a large extent they are self regulating; who’s to say whether they’re using best practice and working as effectively as they could be? Bring in Pangolin, we’ll be your ear to the ground.

Project Management

Do you have an outdated legacy system which is integral to your operations? It may have been limping along for a few years now… Bring in Pangolin. We’ll look at what you have, figure out the best way to improve it, and then get it done.

Infrastructure Audits

These days, IT Infrastructure is the core of a business, so it’s critical that yours is up to date and secure. An Infrastructure Audit will reveal inefficiencies as well as security risks which be or become disastrous for business.

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